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Washington Residents Only:
Sign the Petition to The Washington State Legislature

The Washington Policy Center has done a great job of showing some of the clear disadvantages tax paying non-tribal businesses face in this state and they rightly suggest it's time lawmakers take a look.
Read: Tax Advantages of Tribal Businesses

Clean Air Task Force
Diesel Soot Health Impacts Across U.S.
Put in your location and see the report.

You can get a FREE copy of our State Constitution from the Code Reviser's Office. For fastest assistance, you will want to call them at 360.786.6777, and they will send you a copy. You may also view the Washington State Constitution online at this website.
For information on a specific amendment, you will want to get in touch with both the Legislative Information Center at 1.800.562.6000 and the Washington State Archives at 360.586.1492.

What can you do?

Post at the WA Forum Thread
Find others in your area, set up meetings

WA News Articles from The Smokers Rights Newsletter
Write your own Editorials for the Newsletter

Attend the next Smokers Rights Night or Meeting
Let us know if you are interested in running one as well

Write to WA Media
Write letters to the Editors, take part in polls,
respond on their message boards

Write to WA Elected Officials
Often, and ask your friends to also

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What the Antismoking Extremists are doing in WA

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WA Information
Comparing Excise Taxes on Cigarettes, Beer and Wine:
Number of six-packs of beer that must be sold in Washington to produce the same state excise tax revenue generated by one carton of cigarettes: 97.4
Number of bottles of wine that must be sold in Washington to produce the same state excise tax revenue generated by one carton of cigarettes: 92.2

Now that I-901 is history here are more Nanny initiatives for 2006:
1. No fat people within 50 feet of McDonalds or any restaurant serving food with a fat content over 20%.
2. To reduce carbon monoxide and our dependence on foreign oil, no car may enter the freeway unless they have 3 people in the vehicle.
3. Prohibit drinking in all places except in private residences to protect workers and the public from the risks associated with driving while intoxicated.
4. Gas powered vehicles would be prohibited within 25 feet of any building, open window or air intake to reduce carbon monoxide levels inside buildings. This is a common sense approach. After all, everyone has a right to breath clean air don't they?

Antis: What to expect
The Cold Sharp Slap Of Reality

State of Washington 59th Legislature 2006 Regular Session
By Representatives Grant, Walsh, Newhouse, Buck and Kretz
Read first time 01/10/2006.
Referred to Committee on Health Care.
The department of revenue shall issue waivers from the requirements of this chapter as provided for in this section.
Call 1-800-562-6000 and leave a message to support HB2502

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